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Service Dog


PTSD, traumatic brain injury or military sexual trauma, and hopes to reduce the number of Veterans who commit suicide.

Service dogs have allowed many Veterans a chance to reunite with their families, head back to school, find renewed enjoyment in life, and significantly reduce their medications.

For U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Quinton, his service dog Moly has given him the gift of living.

When Quinton returned home from combat, he found daily life nearly impossible. His PTSD left him feeling anxious and unsafe when doing everyday activities—tasks we don’t think twice about, like going to the mall or a grocery store.  Desperate for a way to get back to the life he knew before service, Quinton learned about an alternative treatment method: a service dog specially trained to mitigate his symptoms. 

Many Veterans who apply to K9s For Warriors have experienced hypervigilance and isolation due to their conditions. They’ve tried everything—pills, therapy, you name it — to combat their PTSD, and after many failed attempts, they turn to K9s For Warriors as a last resort. 

Quinton wasn’t sure how a dog could help, but he felt he had nothing to lose. He joined the more than 850 other Veterans across the country who have reached out to K9s For Warriors and applied for a service dog. 

Backed by scientific research, K9s For Warriors’ program empowers Veterans who fought for our freedom to live a life of dignity and independence a new life with a constant companion who offers no judgement, just unconditional love at the end of a leash. 

With a majority of the dogs rescued from high-kill shelters, K9s For Warriors gives a second chance at life not just to Veterans, but dogs, too. 

K9s For Warriors rescued Quinton’s service dog Moly after she was seized during an animal cruelty investigation. Moly was in bad shape, scared and distrustful of people, but the procurement team at K9s For Warriors saw her potential. Despite her condition and past trauma, Moly began the road to becoming a service dog, regaining her strength and trust in humans. 

All of Moly’s worries melted away the moment she laid eyes on Quinton. With a K9s For Warriors trainer by her side, the gate to the play yard opened, and Moly immediately took off running into Quinton’s arms. Smiles stretched wide from ear to ear and they both seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Neither knew it yet, but this moment was only the beginning: Their bond has been unwavering since that day, and for the first time Quinton is excited for the future, and he believes Moly is, too. He says Moly has given him his life back. He can once again go out in crowded places without being anxious or nervous.

 ”There’s no greater gift than the gift of living,” said Quinton. 

*Unfortunately, there is extremely long waits for these veterans. Sometimes they get ripped off or never get their properly trained dog.

Thus why other accredited people should be able to do these things at a fraction of the cost. But most have no clue because there are many many vicious wolves out there waiting to prey on these innocent folks.

Kim, Christy, and I have seen this first hand!

You Will even see my comments at the bottom of the article. If you look hard enough.

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