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No-Pull Standard (3/8") 6-ft, Slip Style Training Leash

No-Pull Standard (3/8") 6-ft, Slip Style Training Leash

(3/8") Standard Sized, 6-ft Length, slip style or figure-eight head-halter training leash used to prevent pulling & apply gentle pressure backwards on canine's snout.



  1. Open slip loop nice & big.
  2. Just loop over dogs head, cord lock at top.
  3. Make a single loop (figure-eight) from under dogs chin.
  4. Pull loop over snout.
  5. Tighten cord lock down. (Two fingers tight)
  6. Attach safety strap to collar.


Ready, set, walk, & train!



With all-new equipment, please ensure that you treat your pup or praise. Some fight or flight might be noted at first if not gentle with pressure, & product should be used at least for a few minutes every day to ensure the best results. If the dog slips snout loop off, please put back on, & keep going, otherwise, you will undo all the work that was just done.


Perpetual motion is a great distraction method. Apply gentle pressure to ensure your dog understands to stop when you apply pressure, then release the pressure.


To condition to leash, apply small amount of pressure, then release, pressure, release, this teaches pup what sensations of stop feel like. Be patient! Rome wasn't built in a day, your dog will not be perfect at walking on it right away. But this is the first step to a fantastic walk.


Continue walking & coax dog forward Continue with the pressure & release until the dog understands to stop each time you apply the pressure.


Make sure not to yank, very little pressure is needed for control. Just like brakes...pull back to stop, then release to go.


**NOT to be used as tie out**

  • Sizing Specs.

    For standard sized dogs, will fit most dogs greater than 20Lbs or greater than or equal to 85Lbs.

  • Exchange Policy

    Exchanges are allowed for a different size if the current size does not fit properly, and I will be more than happy to assist you in the fitting process. Just ask me what size is needed before purchasing. If you have issues with use, just ask and I will help.