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No-Pull (3/8") Head-Halter or Training Slip w/ Safety

No-Pull (3/8") Head-Halter or Training Slip w/ Safety

Tired of using a regular leash? Or just want the freedom of a head-halter, this is for you. Made specifically to be used either as a head-halter or training slip, you choose your configuration and go.

** Not suitable for XL breed dogs, unless used as a slip only.

** Not to be used as a tie out.

(1) Loop over head cord lock at top

(2) Pull the small loop over snout

(3) Tighten cord down (two fingers tight

(4) Attach safety strap and go!

  • Return Policy

    Will gladly exchange for a different size, or product. Feel free to text, email, or message me with questions regarding sizing of the product.

    If you have any trouble with training or adjustments to the new gear, I will also gladly walk you through the process.

  • Care instructions

    Wash by hand with warm water and dish soap, rinse, and squeeze dry with a towel; and hang to dry. All materials will last longer and stay cleaner this way, especially if the pup accidentally gets dirty.

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